A session with a family their new baby girl.

This session was done just in time before lockdown 2.0 was put into place.

I remember listening to the Premier on the radio, on my way to a family session. And he announced another lockdown. My head did a big 360 turn with all mixed emotions. I could NOT believe we were into a second wave.

That evening talking to B about her newborn session. It was the next day and we were still excited for it despite that huge announcement!

The newborn session went well. Baby M didn’t fall asleep straight away but she eventually did. And we got beautiful images her sleeping beauty.

Anyone pregnant or giving during Covid 19 would have a crazy experience in hospital. However B and D were really lucky as Baby M arrived in between the 2 lockdown. It still would have been an one to remember.

Big brother L did really well during his session. He was such a beautiful caring and patient boy. Luckily, I have a playground just around the corner from my studio, so that kids can stretched their legs a little bit while mum and baby are getting their portraits taken.

During this ISO 2.0, sessions are paused until restrictions are lifted. However I can NOT wait to get back to it and create beautiful images for my clients!

If you are ready to book your newborn session with your new family, or you have more questions about it? Feel free to get in touch!

Stay safe everyone!

Tiff x


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