Documenting your precious moments is still important but you are camera shy?

I often get: “We are really awkward in front of the camera” , “I don’t know how to pose”. Or ” We don’t know what to do”.
And I get it, being on the other side of the camera can be really daunting, especially in front of a photographer you just met.

It can also feel really awkward and vulnerable, especially when your body is changing while growing a baby inside you.
However take a leaf of faith creating special moments because these are very special time.

Creating that safe place starts from the the initial contact with me to book your photography session.
The process run smoothly before the session, and also provide communication and guidance to help with “what to wear” during your session.
B is also wearing couple dresses from my collections mothers can use during their session. You can find the collection here. 

Arriving on location, I love to chat with my clients. I can get to know you better on our little walk until we arrive at destination.
I provide a lot of prompts and guidance with the posing, what to do to get the most natural authentic love and connection in your images.
My clients may feel awkward but giving them guidance provide confidence and make the session really fun and relaxed.

There are certain poses that work best: the ones you are not looking into the camera but to interact with one another. That’s when my prompts come in.
I will have one or two images where I will get everyone look into camera, because Nana likes these shots.
But for the rest of the session, I will give you guidance and prompts to have magical images lie the one of B & B expecting their first child.

Need more information about your photoshoot?

I will be happy to have a chat if you would like more information on your next maternity, newborn or family session.

You can also check out my work over here or send me an email

Chat soon!

Tiff x

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