New baby studio photography with a little sleeping beauty.

Newborn sessions are usually best when babies are between 5-10days old, as they are sleepy and more flexible to pose. Older babies are more alert and would usually have more alert shots. And also, lots of authentic connection between your baby and the parents.

Little T came to the studio for her newborn shoot at 4 weeks old and she was a sleepy beauty during her session. They didn’t get a chance to do their newborn portraits earlier as daddy is in the Australian army.

She wasn’t phased when we were transitioning her to different poses or wrapping her. She just amazed me!

M & J were just so proud and managed to get her session done in couple hours!

M is wearing an outfit from my dress collections available for my mummies. Available upon request, let me know if you wish to select one of the dresses for your newborn portrait session with me.

If you are ready to book your newborn session or if you need a chat on how I run my newborn sessiona nd what to expect, please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Let’s chat!

Tiff xx xx


in studio new baby photogrpahy

in studio portraits of newborn


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