Newborn portraits for a new family welcoming their first son.

Expecting a child is a wonderful moment to experience. However Covid and ISO have made this experience to the next level!

P & D’s experience from being pregnant with Baby D to giving birth to him was very  different due to Covid 19.  P had to go through appointments on her own. D couldn’t be with her most of the time as he wasn’t allowed in the room. No Pre antenatal classes, no mid wives appointments, no ultrasound appointments.  Giving brith was also another story, visits to hospital was every limited. It is an experience they will never forget. And a story to tell their first born son D.

Newborn portrait sessions are best done best captured between 5-10 days old. Babies are more relax, sleepy and easier to resettle.  Older babies are more alert and awake, not as flexible for certain poses. Either way, it always depends on when mum and dad are ready to come in for their photography session. But also when baby is ready. Baby D was a bit jaundice so we waited a bit before doing his session. However he was a champion sleeping most of the time, after having a big big feed.

This was my last newborn session before lockdown 2.0 was put into place. It was such a crazy time to get our head around however I’m glad we manage to get these precious newborn capture for this new family during this crazy Covid time.

If you are ready to book your newborn session with your new family, or you have more questions about it? Feel free to get in touch!

Tiff x


baby newborn family photography

new son with his new family

portrait session with new family with new son


father ad son portrait


new family with their son

spunky newborn boy in Melbourne family portrait studio

family newborn photographer


new baby boy with new family

photography of family with newborn son

melbourne studio capturing family portraits

fresh baby for family newborn portraits


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