Twins newborn photography with double the love for this family of five.

I photographed A & D’s maternity with her twins a bit before Christmas. You can find their pregnancy shoot here.

Having the twins is something very wonderful. Australian Multiple Birth Association is  a great support for family expecting multiple babies.

During your newborn portrait session, siblings are welcome and are a MUST. I also photograph your family and have different combination images between all the members; siblings together, baby by him/herself, mummy with her babies, daddy with her babies and more.

When these guys arrived in the studio, the twins needed a feed. While getting feeding, I photographed big sister M, she was pretty excited. Once I captured the big siblings with their newborn baby(ies), daddy can take them to the playground I have around the corner from my house. During that time, the twins were photographed by themselves and with mummy. When D came back with big sister M, we took more family photos. I just couldn’t believe how the twins slept through during their newborn session.

 do a variety of images between all the members. And also have lots of family images as well.

These guys will have beautiful newborn and family images for them from 3 to 5.

It was such a pleasure to have photographed A & D’s journey from maternity to newborn twins.  Pregnancy and newborn bundle package is available when you book both your sessions with me.

If you have any questions regarding your newborn and maternity sessions or you are ready to book, please hesitate to email me

Chat soon!

Tiff xx

newborn photography with two babies

newborn photography with melbourne family of five

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